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European Citizen’s Initiative against TTIP

This is from Hilda Palmer all trade unionist should back this initiative

Dear Hazards Campaigners,

I propose we join the European Citizen’s Initiative against TTIP and would like your opinion as soon as possible.

As you all know I have been active for a while now in campaigning against TTIP- the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership treaty being negotiated very secretly between EU and USA. We put TTIP on the programme at Hazards 2014 and Aida Ponce del Castillo from ETUI outlined the dangers in Saturday morning plenary her PPT is attached.

I have been informing you all,warubning fo thr threats, raising awareness, sharing information and sources and working with organisations suych as War on Want , World Development Movement ETUI, Trade Unions in UK and USA, trying to get our international friends in USA COSH, ANROEV and EWHN etc to come on board in trying to stop TTIP and TPP which together would complete the neoliberal corporate noose around the world, give some much power t corporations to write laws, to reduce regulatory standards for H&S in workplaces, in environment, in food and agriculture, consumer products, reduce workers rights, increase privatisation of NHS and all public services, , set existing privatisations in stone, over-rule democracy and via the Investor State Dispute Settlements (ISDS) clauses open us up to non-transparent kangaroo courts presided over by corporate lawyers, where corporations could sue our government over democratic decisions to, for example improve health – eg plain packaging of cigarettes- , workplace H&S, the minimum wage, reversing NHS and other privatisations etc, and open us up to massive fines. The mere threat of such cases would be enough in many instances to stop future governments taking such action.

This treaty like NAFTA and many others before it promised much but history shows the dangers and the failures.
TTIP It threatens job losses- 1 million EU job losses, and a promise of £400 p.a. per household gain by 2020!, to drive down regulatory standards in EU which in most case are higher then in USA- except on financial issues- and an alliance of UK, EU and US NGOs, human rights, development orgs with War on Want and the World Development Movement leading in UK, Corporate Euroepan Observatory , CIEL , and Trade unions has developed to fight back. All UK TUs now oppose TTIP. The TUC is equivocal and European and International Officer says he’s a free trader and AFL CIO/ ETIC joint statement say they also want a TTIP good for people or otherwise no.

There have been meetings, action days, 38 Degrees and others have got involved, petitions set up and signed, and recently due to great pressure, the EU ran a very technical and unpublicised consultation on the ISDS clauses in which many of us took part, to the extent of crashing the website with over 15,000 individual responses.

I have been trying to get the EWHN to take this issue up, but apart from Henning in Germany who is very interested and has circulated information I send him to his own network, had little success in raising any interest. However we have managed to get it on the agenda of the next EWHN Steering Group Meeting at beginning of October.

***Various NGOs and pressure groups are setting up a European Citizens Initiative, see below, to get 1 million signatures against TTIP. I would like the Hazards Campaign to sign up to support this initiative and take part in trying to get signatures and would like your support so please send me your opinion.
I would also like the individual networks in the EWHN to join and possibly the EWHN itself, but that can be discussed later.

The last issue Hazards magazine carried an article on TTIP: Poor Trade page 34
John Hilary’s book for War on Want is best introduction to TTIP:
War on Want booklet:

I collect info and if anyone wants any more contact me, a few of the latest bits are below and a new Factsheet from AFL-CIO on ISDS is attached.
Article in Guardian By Nick Dearden of World Development Movement:

A very few of the latest articleson TTIP the links explain what they are about:

Race to the bottom:

RE Phillip Morris threat to use UK re plain packaging:

Hilda Palmer

Acting Chair of National Hazards Campaign
Facilitator of Families Against Corporate Killers

Coordinator of Greater Manchester Hazards Centre
Windrush Millennium Centre
70 Alexandra Road
M16 7WD
0161 636 7557
Twitter @HildaPalmer

We Didn’t Vote to Die at Work


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