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On behalf of communities across the country, as well as workers being exposed up to 30 times the WEL for wood dust exposure , I would like to present our investigation in to the waste wood recycling and processing industry, NO PROOF OF NO HARM – A CITIZEN SCIENCE INVESTIGATION, which was published on line last week.

We have asked many questions in the report and we want answers. Our No. 1 question now though is – ‘Is the EA fit for purpose’ ? Our main aim of action in the short term is to challenge current legislation that classes wood dust as a nuisance to residents who live equidistant to excessive dusty activities… how can that be right ?? Ww also intend to take the report to IARC and WHO in due course.

In essence, people across the country are experiencing similar health issues living near waste wood recycling and processing plants. Having raised concerns continually, we are still being ignored, and so we have turned to the press for exposure, ( latest story) – as well as undertaken our own citizen science investigation for over 4 years. We have investigated known contaminants and had all available EA (Environment Agency) data independently analysed (Chap.7), only to discover that the testing methods for PM to AQS is ‘faulty’. But is this incompetence or something else?

We researched an HSL study of 4 wood recycling companies from 2011, which highlights worker exposures up to 30 times the WEL of 5 mg/m3 for wood dust as a carcinogen. The study also highlighted the ‘scarcity of data’ and ‘substantial discrepancies of COSHH risk assessment’, whilst raising concerns of exposure to receptors outside of the sites due to excessive airborne emissions from processing activities …. ie: us the residents !

We would ask that you read NO PROOF OF NO HARM – A CITIZEN SCIENCE INVESTIGATION and consider an article in Hazards to raise awareness of this hazardous industry, which on the face of it is harming workers, communities and local environments.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Regards and best wishes,
Donna Liley
Secretary of Mossley Environmental Action Group and Citizen Scientist.



  1. wooddustaffected
    February 6, 2016

    Hi Phil, I have left you messages via Facebook but they will go into your ‘other’ folder in messages. Mavis Nye who campaigns on asbestos gave me the link to your page. I’m one of the ones who produced the report ‘No Proof of No Harm’. Would like to speak about it. Have left details on FB. Thanks.

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  2. wooddustaffected
    February 6, 2016

    This report also raises concerns for those employed in the wood or construction trades for whom it is still not compulsory to wear PPE, not even a mask! HSE are failing to protect those exposed to wood dust which is Group 1 carcinogen on the same level as asbestos and has been linked to many cancers now not just nasal/sinus cancers as most think. No matter what the dust, even if you can’t see it, wear a mask, not the flimsy paper ones, they’re useless!!

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