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DPAC – Who 2 Vote 4 campaign



DPAC – Who 2 Vote 4 campaign

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) came together in October 2010 to help organise the Birmingham protest at the Conservative party conference ensuring that disabled people joined unions, students, and other groups in making up the 7,000 plus marchers.

DPAC seeks systemic change but there is a short term objective which has to be to stop or reverse the cuts we face and preserve our hard won rights that are being stripped away. On a longer term basis we need to change society’s values with regard to disabled people and end the culture where large charities speak for us while ignoring our voices.

Disabled people are being hit 9 times more than the rest of the population by austerity cuts and those with the greatest need are hit 19 times harder. We are losing £28 billion of essential support. The Demos report ‘Destination Unknown’ shows the cumulative impact of cuts disabled people face. Our social care system is in crisis, and our rights and opportunities to exercise those rights are under threat as never before.

Even if you are not disabled at the moment 6 out of 7 disabled people acquire and impairment later in their life and so it is vitally important for everyone to help ensure that disabled and older people are able to access the public services which enable them to take a full part in society as one day you too may need these services.

There are 11 million disabled people in the UK plus their family and friends. Our Who 2 Vote 4 campaign and Operation Disabled Vote campaign aims to make sure that all of these people become registered voters and use their votes to influence politicians and policies.

DPAC have been refused funding for this campaign as we have been told we are too radical and too political. We refuse to be gagged by unjust government legislation as we think it is too important for the truth about the attacks facing disabled people to be heard wherever and whenever possible.

This particular campaign has several strands all of which feed into focus on work up to the General Election including awareness raising and on-going lobbying and a specific voter registration campaign and providing information to voters.

We intend to provide specific advice, briefings, training, resources and media support to
local groups and DPOs nationally so that they can effectively engage disabled people in
voting, campaigning and influencing in the lead up to the General Election in 2015.
We are seeking funding to set up and run our ‘Who2Vote4’ project that will provide a
range of tailored, accessible capacity building support.

We particularly need help to fund a battle bus campaign tour ( DPAC – the Revenge tour) to a number of selected constituencies, including those of Esther McVey, Mike Penning, David Cameron, George Osborne, and Iain Duncan Smith. Depending on funding and local support there may be others as well.

Please send any donations made payable to Disabled People Against Cuts c/o 17, St. Michaels Road, Claverdon, Warwickshire, CV35 8NT or email us at
For alternative payment methods.


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